Rumor: New PS4 Firmware Update Coming Soon

Rumor: New PS4 Firmware Update Coming Soon

The 1.7 PS4 firmware update has just been released, but apparently a new version is on the way according to industry insider Tidux, that has proven several times to be privy to what is going on at Sony.

According to Tidux the firmware update will mainly focus on fixing bugs introduced with version 1.7.  He also revealed in a direct conversation that those bugs include discs being randomly ejected, party chat glitches and consoles locking up.


He also mentioned that the implementation of friend list notifications isn’t far off, but he doesn’t know if it’ll be included in this next update. According to Tidux they were to be included in 1.7, but they were removed at the last minutes due to bugs affecting the feature.

As usual, like all insider information, this should be considered a rumor until we hear an official announcement from Sony, but Tidux’s solid track record chalks the possibility as quite likely.