Rumor: New Xbox Console to be Revealed at E3 2012

on June 28, 2011 8:00 PM

With the Wii U out of the bag and the PlayStation 4 confirmed to be in development, it’s Microsoft’s turn to make some noise about their next generation home console. They’ve kept as quiet as a church mouse, however, this has not alleviated any number of rumors about when and if the Xbox 360 successor is making its debut. Today an inside source, or, more specifically, a source with ” knowledge of Microsoft’s plans within the company’s Entertainment and Devices Division” has confirmed that the next Xbox console will be revealed at next year’s E3.

This console has also reportedly been in development since 2006, just one year after the launch of the Xbox 360. These claims are pretty hefty and nothing more than just rumors, but there’s no denying that the next gen ball is in Microsoft’s court. Do we think that MS will make an announcement next year? Or perhaps they’ll beat everyone to the pun and say something this year? Of course that still leaves the chance that they won’t say anything in this year or the next, effectively making any hype or excitement about the prospect a poor use of energy. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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