Rumor: No Man’s Sky Update Files Possibly Hint at New Ground Vehicle

on November 28, 2016 1:02 PM

No Man’s Sky could be getting a new vehicle if  the latest update file is anything to go by. The update includes a file for a unavailable vehicle, and could hint that developer Hello Games may introduce the vehicle sometime in the future.

The discovery of the file was made by Reddit user eegandj who found the file which includes textures and a model for what appears to be some type of buggy vehicle. The Reddit user went on to import the data into the game and released the following video showing off the vehicle’s schematics.

When you think about it, such an addition would make sense. Players have complained since the launch of the game in August that traversing around a planet takes far too long — this could speed the process up. The key question here though is: would I be able to run over all those punk-ass crab things on virtually planet? If so, I’m back in.

As you would expect, Hello Games has made no official word on the potential leak, nor has it ever said it would introduce such a vehicle to the game. Until it does, it’s best to not get to attached to idea.

No Man’s Sky Patch 1.1 “Foundation Update” was revealed the other day. You can check out the massive update — which provided this leak — right here.

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