Rumor: PS4 SDK Update Possibly Hints at PSN ID Changes in the Future

Rumor: PS4 SDK Update Possibly Hints at PSN ID Changes in the Future

Today, NeoGAF member kirbasin dug up some interesting details about a PS4 SDK update that could possibly hint at the arrival of PSN ID changes in the future.

When kirbasin was reading notes for Unreal Engine 4.14 the NeoGAF user noticed the following:

Refactored the PlayStation 4 Online Subsystem engine plugin to support PlayStation 4 SDK version 4.008.061.

Deprecated the use of “Sce Np Online Id,” replacing it with “Sce Np Account Id,” as per Sony’s recommendation. Online users are now exclusively identified by their “Sce Np Account Id.”

Simplified the handling of unique net IDs across the PS4 online subsystem.

Switched from “Np Toolkit” to “Np Toolkit2,” to support the new APIs which work with “Sce Np Account Id.”

Added asynchronous name resolution to convert between “Sce Np Online Id” and “Sce Np Account Id,” using Sony’s ID mapper web interface.

For PlayStation 4 online users, the “To String” and “Get Bytes” functions in “Unique Net Id” now return the user’s “Sce Np Account Id.”

Previously these functions returned the user’s “Sce Np Online Id.” Any custom online code or services backend will need to handle identifying users by their “Sce Np Account Id,” as according to Sony’s recommendations.

If required, the “Sce Np Online Id” for local users and friends can be obtained via the “Get Display Name” interface in “Online User.”

Now, this is far from anything concrete, but it appears that Sony is implementing changes that will make games retrieve PSN ID via internal account ID, which in turn would allow to unbind data from the display name.

Again, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, but alas, it’s exciting news for all out there with horrible PSN names — which is a lot of you.