Rumor: Rogue Reaper, ‘Leviathan,’ Will be Primary Focus of Mass Effect 3 DLC

on June 28, 2012 9:47 AM

Almost immediately after one of Mass Effect 3’s producers, Mike Gamble, tweeted that the team is working on more content for the game (not necessarily multiplayer content at that), further information regarding the matter was uncovered. While sifting through the files that were a part of the most recent update and DLC, the Extended Cut, one of the BioWare Social Network’s members stumbled across a plethora of information pointing towards future content.

A massive amount of the files contained dialogue referring to a rogue Reaper known as Leviathan. In mythology, the Leviathan was an enormous monster of the ocean, first referred to in The Bible, and was one of the seven princes of Hell.

Dialogue, with both squadmates and other non-playable characters including the Catalyst, about subjects involving indoctrination and the origins and creation of the Reapers themselves – this was a subject that was touched on briefly in the recent Extended Cut – were found. Additionally, there were a slew of new weapon upgrades and enhancements also found.

BioWare nor Electronic Arts have yet to comment on or officially announce any future single-player downloadable content for Mass Effect 3.

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