Rumor: Silent Hill Composer Leaves Konami

If you have never taken a crap on yourself that’s because you have yet to play some of the Silent Hill games. A lot of people who’ve played through the series would probably take in the tough persona and utter that the game wasn’t as scary as people think. Yea… that’s because 95% of these “hardcore” folks, played with the lights on, a mob of people around them, and with the sound on mute. The eerie sounds that permeated the world of Silent Hill were what made the game “shit in your pants” worthy, along with having to walk around with a gimpy flashlight. But no game or movie is what it is without the glorious sounds of music – the very sounds that give the game their unique ambiance. And, apparently, if Konami had any plans for future Silent Hill games, they’re going to be doing it without the series’ composer Akira Yamaoka, as rumor suggests.

In a recent interview with Akira Yamaoka, Aeropause has stated that the musical savant will be waving his goodbyes to Konami after sixteen years with the company. What he will do next is unknown, but there is word that the Japanese composer is very much interested in vacationing around both the US and Europe.

Yamaoka is considered by many to be one of the very reasons Silent Hill’s success was so abundant. The man made music for just about every entry in the series, and has also been a producer since Silent Hill 3. Like I stated before, a game without great sound is nothing but visual blandness. In gaming – with survival horrors specifically – music and sound are what creates the emotional suspense that we crave, even though our butts are clenching beyond belief. It is the very ingredient that gives a game life, along with a strong storyline, of course.

I, personally, loved the Silent Hill series. It is one of the few series – along with Dead Space, Siren, and Fatal Frame – to actually scare me to the point where my penis went inward, and gave me nose bleeds. I don’t play survival horrors with the lights on, folks. I draw a pentagram on my floor, sacrifice a goat, four candles, create a circle of salt around me, turn off the lights, then sit in the middle of the pentagram and get my survival horror gaming on. It’s just too bad that I won’t be able to enjoy Yamaoka’s horrific sounds in any of the next Silent Hill games.

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