Rumor: Sony May Be Dropping a PS4/Vita Bundle This Holiday

Rumor: Sony May Be Dropping a PS4/Vita Bundle This Holiday

When Sony announced the $399 price point for PS4 against Microsoft’s $499 Xbox One, collective gasps and applause were heard around the amphitheater at this year’s E3.

Now, a rumor from an Inside Gaming Daily source claims that Sony may have a bundle to sweeten the deal this coming holiday, and put an even more competitive edge against Microsoft’s console launch this year. The source claims that Sony plans for a PS4/Vita bundle later this year at $500 – even with Microsoft’s entry price for Xbox One, but with the added bonus of getting the Vita for a significantly reduced price.

With the Vita normally retailing for $199/$249 in the United States for the WiFi only/4G models respectively, getting the system for basically another $100 on top of your new PS4 is certainly a sweet deal, and certainly to the advantage of promoting both systems and their features. Touting the second-screen functionality between PS4 & Vita (such as Remote Play), along with the continuing efforts of CrossPlay/CrossSave currently between PS3/Vita (and eventually with PS4/Vita), the bundle comes as a unique prospect of helping to boost the PS4’s launch, while also helping the marvelous but struggling PS Vita.

Details will still be developing on whether Sony goes through with the bundle or not later this year: stay tuned…

The original Inside Gaming Daily video with the speculation is below: