Rumor: Super Street Fighter IV Announcement Coming Tomorrow

By Yaris Gutierrez

September 28, 2009

Just when you thought you would retire for a while from the Hadokens and the dragon punches in Street Fighter IV, we get blasted with this news. Fans of the franchise will be excited to hear that Capcom recently launched, yet again, one of the most ambiguous video game teasers known to man which hints at an update for their recently released Street Fighter IV. The teaser displays a short video of two rivals fighting each other which is then interrupted by a bad case of a swirling hurricane thing which indicates one thing – bad weather. A date and time is shown on the site: “2009.09.29 17:00 JST,” which implies, to those who aren’t keen on the obvious, that something Street Fighter-ish is happening tomorrow.

I know most of you are calling bullshit, which is why I am providing you with an image showing T. Hawk cocking his arm back getting ready to bitch-slap the little also-Mexican wrestler, El Fuerte. If legit, the screen reveals the existence of the rumored Super Street Fighter IV (which might be an expansion, for allwe know) which will add a couple of more known Street Fighter characters to the game. In the image below, as promised, you will notice T. Hawk attempt to collect whatever money or burritos that El Fuerte owes him. I can guarantee that the leather mask he’s wearing with the funny feather’d top is not going to shelter any pain.


It appears that more images have surfaced confirming two characters for Street Fighter IV. Coming back to the series, as stated above, is the over-sized Mexican, T. Hawk. The newest character to be introduced to the series, Juri, is shown below handing M. Bison a recipe of ass kickings.

[via Das Inchworm’s Cblog]

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