Rumor: The Next Mass Effect Game Could Be Mass Effect: Contact

Rumor: The Next Mass Effect Game Could Be Mass Effect: Contact

The next Mass Effect game is most probably going to be showcased at E3, and today we learned something about its possible title, thanks to the industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, who has a quite solid track record with what he relies from his sources.

According to Rasheed, that previously mentioned that the game won’t be titled “Mass Effect 4,” the actual title will be “Mass Effect: _ _nt_ _t” where the undescrores are letters that he teasingly kept hidden.

After a quick internal consultation here at DualShockers we determined that the only real possibility to fill in the blanks is “Mass Effect: Contact.

There simply isn’t another word that would fit there and also work with the Mass Effect franchise.

A title like Mass Effect: Contact definitely points in the direction of a prequel, possibly centered around the First Contact War, which is a pivotal moment of the Mass Effect lore.

While Rasheed has a definitely solid track record and “Contact” fits the little puzzle perfectly, we should of course still consider this just a rumor until the title is officially announced, probably at E3, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that would find the perspective of a prequel set during the First Contact War extremely pleasing.

Of course you can feel free to try and find different solutions, and to post them in the comments below.