Rumor: Two New Awesomenauts Characters Revealed

Rumor: Two New Awesomenauts Characters Revealed

One of the first things you will notice when you play Awesomenauts is that at the character selection screen, there is the promise of new characters soon to come. A Gamefaqs member has allegedly found data related to two of these new characters and posted them for others to see. After sifting through the game’s data files, low quality pictures of the characters were found along with descriptions of their various statistics and powers.

No other information related to these characters has been discovered, and Ronimo has yet to release any information regarding new DLC characters.

Awesomenauts was developed by Ronimo Games and published by DTP Entertainment. Since its May 1st, 2012 release, the game has received mostly positive praise from critics. You can check out abridged descriptions of the two characters after the cut. Thanks, XBLAFans.

Coco Nebulon

Hailing from a psyonic race on Okeanos, Coco is known as the cosmic waveblazer. Describes herself as hot & cool at the same time.
Excerpt from her spacelog: “It’s just like, dude, I was cruisin’ the galaxy, you know, in this totally tubular space-van, searching for the best cosmic waves man.”

125 Base Health, 4.2 Movement

Blaze: Temporarily, Coco’s hoverboard leaves a trail of electricity.
Ball Lightning: Shoot a ball lightning. Detonate it any time with a second press.
Attack: Channel Coco’s psycho-electric powers through her unfortunate enemies. (this is apparently a melee attack)
Jump: Hoverboard jump, with a chance to do a front-flip. Tubular!

Derpl Zork

Riding his combat walker onto the battlefield, comes Derpl Zork. The nephew of Blabl Zork, president of Zork industries, Derpl lacks his uncle’s business-smarts. In fact he lacks any kind of smarts: his IQ is even rated under the level of plankton in the official galaxial IQ test. He loves hunting cats, though.

Officially classed as:
Medium speed, medium ranged, tank.
(Clunk’s speed is classed as “slow”, take that as you will.)

180 Base Health, 3.1 Movement

Trap: Deploy traps that will ensnare enemies, locking them in place. Nuke in siege mode.
Turret Mode: Transform into a static siege mode, enabling deadly weaponry.
Attack: Mew enemies into oblivion by shooting explosive holocats. Gatling fire in siege mode.
Jump: Derpl’s walking desk has a temporary jet boost. Hold X (PS3) / A (360) to ascend!