Rumor: Ubisoft Possibly Teasing Something Far Cry 3 Related or a New Far Cry

Yesterday, Ubisoft posted on its Facebook page a picture of Rook Island from Far Cry 3, accompanied by the caption “an island we never really left.”

Below, you can see the tease for yourself:

Now what this could mean is a lot of things. First — and potentially the most likely —  it means nothing. It could also mean maybe a Far Cry 3 remaster of some sorts, such as an enhanced version for the current-gen consoles. Or maybe it’s a tease for a new game: like a prequel with the infamous Vaas, or something entirely new but set on Rook Island. It is also possible that Ubisoft is merely trying to gauge fan’s interest in regard to Far Cry 3, and the potential of a return to it in some way.

As you may know, Vaas Montengro, one of the game’s protagonist, is one of the most popular villains in video game history. Therefore, if this is a tease for a new entry in the series, but a return to Rook Island, one would assume Vaas would be involved.

Far Cry 3, from developer Ubisoft Montreal, released back in 2012, and is widely considered the best game in the series and one of the best games of last generation. It would make sense Ubisoft may want to cash-in on the title with a remaster or potentially revisit it in someway for the next installment in the series. Who knows. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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