Rumor: UFC 2010 Hitting Us in May

Rumor: UFC 2010 Hitting Us in May

Dana White recently dropped the news on us that the new iteration of the UFC video game franchise was coming out in 2010 in partnership with THQ but he never gave an exact date for the launch of the tile. Well we came across this:

According to a GameStop sales flyer sent to us by two Destructoid reader, THQ’s upcoming UFC 2010 Undisputed may have a release date — May 25, 2010.

Of course this is in the rumor phase right now but I can believe it will launch in this time frame as the EA MMA title is also scheduled for 2010 and the UFC wouldn’t want to come out too much later than them.

Aside from a quick teaser trailer we will need to wait for the Spike Video Game Awards to see actual gameplay footage via a surprise UFC guest. Check out the VGAs on Spike TV this Saturday December 12th at 8PM EST and perhaps they will confirm the launch date as well.

[Via Destructoid]