Rumor: Was The Last Guardian Just Canceled? [UPDATED]

Rumor: Was The Last Guardian Just Canceled? [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Sony has confirmed with IGN that The Last Guardian is NOT canceled. There is no explanation yet as to why GameStop is creating widespread panic by calling customers to tell them it is. So then what the hell, GameStop? Perhaps GameStop will not be selling the title, or the release date was further pushed back.

Furthermore, the official website for the game is still up and running.

UPDATE 2: For what it’s worth, Amazon still lists it on their site.


Team ICO has split, and despite the slimmed-down team’s promises it looks like The Last Guardian won’t be doing any guarding afterall.

If you’ve pre-ordered the game from GameStop, maybe you’ve already gotten the call — but gamers are reporting that GameStop has been making phonecalls announcing the cancellation of future PlayStation 3 title The Last Guardian.

Sony has yet to comment, so save the wailing and gnashing of teeth until we hear from them. But attempts to reach The Last Guardian page on the GameStop website yields you a 404. Blogger Darren Hupke has even recorded the sorrowful message. And I am sad to say that I gave them a call too, only to hear the worst myself.

We will release more information as it becomes available.