Rumor: Xbox Live Friends List Cap Growing

Rumor: Xbox Live Friends List Cap Growing

According to a mess up on Xbox’s Germany Facebook, our Friends list could be seeing a update soon. With the new dashboard hitting close to Kinect’s launch in 20 days, we haven’t heard much about changes. While a list of additional feautres are being added, like ESPN and an updated Netflix, nothing has been said about those promised changes now that Xbox 1 is finished. Well, maybe that’s about to change.

Joystiq reports that according to the the site’s Facebook page, this is the translated message that was found, then deleted:

A lot of long-term change was desired by Xbox LIVE users the limit of 100 friends. With the update you can now up to 1,000 friends of your friends list. How many friends do you have? Not enough? Then you looking for new friends on the Finder tab!”

Did Xbox Germany let something slip they shouldn’t have? Seems no one can keep a secret these days.