Rumor: XSEED May be Bringing Rune Factory 4 Stateside

By Chad Awkerman

November 3, 2012

The Rune Factory series of games has been one of my guilty pleasures for a while, so it’s pretty cool that this rumor seemed to surface yesterday. Over on XSEED’s Facebook page, a fan asked them a question about Rune Factory 4: “Rune Factory IV. Possibility you guys might bring it over? Or should I annoy Natsume?”

To that, the response was vague, yet mysterious at the same time, “Hmmm, we’ve had an itch to work on another Rune Factory game since we loved Frontier so much, so let’s see if we can’t grab a back scratcher somehow…”

If this is true, it’ll be nice to have the latest title in the U.S. on the 3DS. The last Rune Factory title that XSEED published was indeed the aforementioned Rune Factory: Frontier, back in 2009 on the Wii, so it is quite possible they’d pick up Rune Factory 4 for localization in North America. The problem is that Natsume has released other franchise titles since then, and, in fact, they’re still listed on the game’s Wikipedia page as its North American publisher (no official announcement has been made, however).

I guess only time will tell. But, to be perfectly honest, XSEED does great localization work, so I cross my fingers they’ll be able to pick up the game and bring it West.

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