Rumors Suggest Warner Bros. Has Cancelled Two Open-World Superman Games Since 2013

If the rumors are true, Warner Bros. has developed two Superman games since 2013 and they've both been canceled.

In a Twitter thread from James Sigfield, a journalist at Geeks Worldwide, says that Warner Bros. cancelled two open-world Superman games since 2013.

Sigfield mentions how WB was taking pitches from different game directors and producers back in 2013 for a Superman game. One of these pitched titles was an open-world game that was similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man, which was released last year. However, the project got cancelled during its prototyping phase.

The next Superman game would’ve been called Superman: Unbound, which is the same title as a Superman animated film that released in 2013. Set to take place in a city called Kandor, the game wouldn’t have been as open-world as the previous project. Additionally, some of the villains Superman would’ve encountered include Braniac and Doomsday to name a few.

Ultimatley, the project was cancelled due to a mandate from WB that every DC Comics game had to be made using Rockstedy’s Batman: Arkham engine. Because of this requirement, the team couldn’t get Superman’s flight to work. Additionally, a rumored Suicide Squad game was also cancelled due to this requirement from WB. The Suicide Squad game would’ve had players use characters such as Harley Quinn, DeathStroke, and Katana.

Over the past few years, rumors have circulated about WB Montreal’s new title being a Batman game, which will feature the Court of Owls. Additionally, voice actor Kevin Conroy has come out to say that he’s not involved in WB Montral’s latest game. The latest rumors say Batman: Arkham Legacy will be the latest title in the Arkham series and it’ll let players take control of characters from the Batman family.

As is the case with every rumor, this one should be taken with a grain of salt. Sigfield ends his thread by saying WB continues to take pitches from developers about a new Superman game.

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