Rune Factory 4 Confirmed for October Release, Latest “How to” Video Showcases the Art of Crafting

Rune Factory 4 Confirmed for October Release, Latest “How to” Video Showcases the Art of Crafting

It’s been a tedious wait for fans but now the wait will be officially over soon–Rune Factory 4 has been confirmed for an October 1st release date. Even better, a new “how to” video showcasing crafting has been revealed as well.

It’s important to craft equipment and items since your character will need weapons and armor in order to survive outside of the town.

In order to craft, you need several kinds of tools: cooking utensils, a forge, a crafting table and a chemistry set. These tools can be purchased from different shops in town. In order to create and use each one, you’ll need gold, lumber, material stone and a license. Funny enough, you can put your sets anywhere you want, but try to use your own room.

Recipes must be learned in order to use your utilities, and this is achieved by purchasing recipe bread. When you go to the menu to pick items to make, if you have all the ingredients, the item name will be clearly shown, along with the materials to be used. If you don’t, the item name will be faded and the materials missing will be marked with an “X.”

The level you need to be at to succeed in crafting the item will also be to the left of the menu screen. The amount of RP for the item craft is shown at the bottom. Even though you can try to make items with a level higher than your characters, it will cost more RP and there’s a higher chance of failure. And if you use recipes requiring more RP than you have, HP will be taken instead.

Some crafted items will customize your character’s appearance when you equip them. You can even give equipment like this to your neighbors, who will appreciate them greatly. This will also help when they aid you in battle.

The entire video has been posted below, so check it out.