Rune Factory 4 Special Another Episode Detailed, Next Stream in Late July Will Include New Rune Factory 5 Info

New gameplay and explanation of the Another Episode, which is a Voice Drama DLC, free for a month in Japan.

Marvelous revealed new details on Rune Factory 4 Special during the third Runfachannel stream held on June 26. The stream was announced a few days ago along with new comments from the producers. After showcasing live gameplay, multiple new pieces of information were revealed.

Here are timestamps for the different live gameplay sequences shown on the stream:

First off, it was revealed that the Another Episode mode of Rune Factory 4 Special is actually DLC content. There’s one Another Episode for each bachelor and bachelorette + Ventuswill, making it 13 different Another Episodes in total. The one with Ventuswill is free, and the other 12 Another Episodes are sold in a pack for 700 Yen. The DLC will be available when the game launches on July 25 in Japan.

However, Marvelous also announced that the Another Episode DLC will be free from July 25 to August 26 in Japan.

As for the content of the Another Episode themselves, they are akin to Drama CDs and are called “Voice Dramas”. They’re fully voiced stories with brand new illustrations. Each Another Episode depicts new stories not found in the original game.

Next, it was also announced that digital pre-download for the Japanese version of Rune Factory 4 Special has begun. The digital version of the game is also 10% off until August 7, 2019.

Near the end of the stream, Producer Maekawa also announced that the next Runfachannel stream will include new information for Rune Factory 5. The stream will be happening in the “last third of July.”

In less important news, throughout the stream, Satomi Akesaka shared a lot of trivia and jokes. She spoke about how she has a friend who’s a super fan of Ventuswill and always sends her photos of handmade hotcakes and pancakes saying “this is for Ventuswill”. During the battle system segment, Satomi Akesaka also mentioned: “Rune Factory is a game which lets you be a Riajuu”, as you can form a party with your lover to fight together. When the stream was ending, Akesaka also shared how happy she was to participate. The original game is seven years old, and streams like that were rarer back then, so they never had an opportunity to chart about Rune Factory like this.

After the stream, Satomi Akesaka tweeted it was really fun and how she’s looking forward to seeing Ventuswill’s Another Episode in-game next month.

I particularly enjoy Satomi Akesaka’s talent as a seiyuu, my favorite roles she did being Kanon Toudou and Chae Kyoung in the Pretty Rhythm franchise. As such, the stream was particularly enjoyable to watch, though covering it took more time than usual as the Shin Sakura Taisen stream happened simultaneously. In any case, you should definitely watch Pretty Rhythm if you’re looking for a different kind of anime.

Post stream photo with streamer Underbar, streamer Hira, Akesaka Satomi, and streamer Milkiene.

Rune Factory 4 Special launches on July 26 in Japan, in late 2019 in the west. Rune Factory 5 will launch in late 2020 in Japan. Both games are coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. You can read our coverage of the first and second streams, and our explanation of the series of the Rune Factory series.

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