Rune Factory 4 Special Gets New Gameplay, Opening Movie; Ventuswill Can’t Be Married

Rune Factory 4 Special Gets New Gameplay, Opening Movie; Ventuswill Can’t Be Married

The new Another Story mode will feature "another side" of Ventuswill. Voice comments from the cast are also accessible in-game.

Marvelous held the second Runfachannel stream today, revealing more about Rune Factory 4 Special. The stream had the same people as the previous stream along with Ayana Taketatsu, who voices Dolce. Multiple gameplay sequences for Rune Factory 4 Special were shown on stream:

  • (32:32) Gameplay from some of the Newlywed Stories mode: Clorica, Arthur, Dolce, and Forte.
  • (40:50) Milkiene playing the game and trying to hook up with Leon
  • (48:30) Ayana Taketatsu playing the game and successfully hooking up with Leon
  • (1:19:21) More gameplay showing some of the date events
  • (1:45:15) Ayana Taketatsu chatted about how when she played Rune Factory 1, she’d only grow strawberries in all of the game’s fields, so they made her play a Rune Factory 4 Special save where all fields had strawberries in them.

More information was also revealed by Producer Maekawa. As we’ve seen on stream, the Newlywed Stories aren’t fully voiced, but nearly all lines have voiceovers. Each one of these stories has a proper beginning and ending. They each unlock as you manage to marry the respective bachelors/bachelorettes in your saves. Each one of the stories takes place right after you got married, and before children are born. It also has new short anime cutscenes, and the characters’ portraits are animated.


Producer Maekawa also announced that Ventuswill can’t be married in Rune Factory 4 Special. I personally knew It’d turn out this way, as while they quickly talked about it on the previous stream, it was definitely a joke rather than actual teasing. My bet is, as multiple Japanese outlets didn’t actually watch the previous stream, and ended up reporting that Ventuswill being a bachelorette was teased, Producer Maekawa decided to formally make it clear that no, we won’t be able to marry her.

However, Producer Maekawa also announced that the other new mode they haven’t revealed yet, “Another Episode mode, will have something to do with Ventuswill and will show us ” a new side of her”, hinting we’ll get to see her human form. The “Another Episode” mode will be detailed on the next stream in June.


Another new addition in Rune Factory 4 Special that was revealed today is voice comments from all of the main cast, accessible in-game. Seeing they all recorded new lines for the game, Marvelous also asked them to give their impressions. It seems the messages are quite long, which each seiyuu talking about their experience voicing the game.

On stream, Ayana Taketatsu talked a lot about her own character Dolce too. She funnily admitted Dolce would be a pretty strange and annoying girl if not for Pico, but she’s still her favorite character. She likes Forte the most after Dolce.

Rune Factory 4 Special’s new opening animation sequence was also shown at the end of the stream, you can find it below.

Rune Factory 4 Special launches exclusively on Switch on July 25 in Japan, and in late 2019 in the west. Rune Factory 5 will also launch on Switch, in late 2020 in Japan. You can check out Rune Factory 4 Special‘s Japanese limited edition, small bits of info from a staff interview, and take a look at our explanation of the Rune Factory series.