Rune Factory 5 News Coming on April 4, Details on Rune Factory 4 Special Japanese Limited Edition

Rune Factory 5 News Coming on April 4, Details on Rune Factory 4 Special Japanese Limited Edition

Rune FaChannel stream on April 4 will include new information on Rune Factory 5 and gameplay for Rune Factory 4 Special, both releasing on Switch.

Marvelous announced through the Rune Factory official Twitter that a live stream for the Rune Factory series, titled “Rune FaChannel”. It’ll air on April 4 at 20:00 JST. You’ll be able to watch it on YouTube, Periscope, and Niconico. The stream will include live gameplay of Rune Factory 4 Special on Switch, and new information for Rune Factory 5, also on Switch.

The stream will feature game streamers Hira, Underbar, and Milkiene. Hira is a fan of the Rune Factory series, while Underbar is a newcomer, and they’ll use their different point of views to reintroduce the series for those unfamiliar with it.

Marvelous also detailed the pricing and the Japanese Limited Edition for Rune Factory 4 Special. The normal edition is 4980 Yen excluding tax, while the Limited Edition is 8800 Yen excluding tax.


Rune Factory 4 Special Limited Edition’s box’s cover is by Rune Factory series artist Minako Iwasaki.


Here’s the full list of the contents:

  • A copy of Rune Factory 4 Special
  • Rune Factory Memorial Book 2006-2019″
    A 160 pages artbook featuring artwork for the characters from all the Rune Factory series. The book’s cover is a new illustration by Minako Iwasaki.
  • “Kyun♪Himitsu no Private CD”
    Basically short stories in Drama CD form, each focusing on the marriable characters of Rune Factory 4. The first CD is for the bachelorette characters and the second CD is for the bachelor characters. Here are the names of the short stories:
    Xiao Pai: Xiao Pai’s ideal day
    Clorica: Clorica opens her bar
    Margaret: If it’s for you, then…
    Dolce: Ghostly affection
    Forte: The ideal farming day
    Amber: How to make tasty drinks
    Kiel: The ways of an adult
    Vishnal: The birth of a hot-blooded waiter
    Doug: Recounting the past and looking ahead
    Dylas: The secret of the open-air bath
    Arthur: Turnip panic
    Leon: The birth of an item shop
  • “Everyone get in Swimsuits!” DLC code
    A DLC code which unlocks a new order the Prince/Princess protagonists can use, making all characters wear swimsuits. These are different than the ones already in the game. Portraits of the characters in these new swimsuits are in the gallery below.

Rune Factory 4 Special launches on July 25 in Japan on Switch, and in “late 2019” in the west. Rune Factory 5 will be in 2020 in Japan on Switch, and was announced in the west as well, though without the 2020 estimate. You can learn more about the Rune Factory series with our editorial dedicated to it.