Rune: Ragnarok Receives First Gameplay Screenshots Showing Vikings, Giants, and Sailing

Rune: Ragnarok from Human Head Studios, developers of the cancelled Prey 2, has received its first gameplay screenshots.

on December 15, 2017 11:55 AM

Even though Human Head Studios announced Rune: Ragnarok back in August, we really haven’t gotten a good glance at what the title will actually look like in action. After teasing the screenshots in a YouTube video earlier this week, the developers released the first three gameplay screenshots for Rune: Ragnarok.¬†

These screenshots focus on three things: Vikings, Sailing, and Giants. The first screenshot shows a Viking on a ship preparing to¬†face a giant that towers over him. The next one shows an archer on a boat taking aim at something. The final one shows a Viking holding a giant ax, likely ready for battle. These screenshots look promising, so I can’t wait to see how the game looks in action.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Rune: Ragnarok is the newest title in Human Head Studios’ Rune series, which hasn’t seen a new title since 2001. The game takes place in a world experiencing the titular Ragnarok, a world-ending event. In order to stop it, players must partner with one of five gods, which all give the player different abilities. The game’s combat is described as “intense and brutal” by the developers. If you want to see what the five gods will look like in-game, you can check out some previously¬†released art of them.

You can check out the screenshots below. Rune: Ragnarok is currently without a release date and only slated for PC.

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