Rune: Ragnarok from Former Prey 2 Developer Human Head Studios Renamed to Rune

Human Head Studios has renamed their upcoming game Rune: Ragnarok to just Rune, and will now refer to the original Rune as Rune Classic

on March 1, 2018 1:11 PM

Human Head Studios, who are well-known for their work on the original Prey and canceled Prey 2, announced Rune: Ragnarok, a new title in their long-dormant Rune series, last August. Since then, we have gotten both screenshots and gameplay trailers for the title, and they look great. That being said, the developers announced that they have decided to change the game’s title from Rune: Ragnarok to just Rune.

According to the developers, this name change allows them to expand the scope of the game outside of the devastating Ragnarok event, even though that will still be the main focus of the story. You can check out their full reasoning for the name change below:

“When we announced Rune: Ragnarok in August, we were blown away by the initial response. Since then, the game and community have grown significantly, and because of this, we thought it was time for a change. We now see Rune as lasting beyond Ragnarok and beyond the Nine Realms, so henceforth and forevermore Rune: Ragnarok will be called Rune. That’s right – just Rune

What does this mean? Well, nothing really except the game has gotten bigger. For now, the main storyline is the same – Ragnarok is still ripping apart the Nine Realms and spreading devastation throughout the lands. Meanwhile, Loki revels in the chaos he’s caused and the destruction that’s ensued.”

One issue this name change does cause is that it gives the new game the same title as the original 2001 game. In order to fix this issue, Human Head Studios says that the original Rune will now be referred to as Rune Classic, while the game formerly known as Rune: Ragnarok is now just Rune. It’s a bit confusing at first, but these new title designations should sink in after a while.

You can check out a recently released videoes of real-time gameplay below. Rune does not yet have a release date but is confirmed to be releasing on PC.

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