Runes of Magic ‘Secret of the Goblin Mine’ Announced

Runes of Magic ‘Secret of the Goblin Mine’ Announced

Runes of Magic – developed by Runewaker Entertainment and adpated by Frogster Interactive for the German and English speaking folk – is a fairly new MMO released on March 19, 2009.  Wait, what are we talking about here?  The game is very new, for crying out loud.  And if you haven’t heard, it’s free.  You can all say thank you to real money transactions (RMT), which is how the game is funded.

Earlier today, Frogster Interactive announced that new content will be available for Runes of Magic with the release of the next gargantuan patch, Secrets of the Goblin Mine.  The huge update, as per Frogster, expands the world of Runes of Magic whilst adding a new mini-game – Goblin Mine.  With the new patch, a new weapon quest series is being added to the game.

The Goblin Mine solo experience will send the player into a cave full of green creatues (what could these be? Hm. /sarcasm), with the additions of some elemental thingies that will also permeate the cave side-by-side with the green watchamacallits. The fun part of it all is that players will have exactly 30 minutes to perform three tasks inside the dungeon.  Like the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King dailies, the player is allowed to attempt the ‘quest’ once a day.  So, if you mess up the first time around, you’ll always have the next day.  For those who successfully complete the tasks, they will receive handcrafted objects and rare armor recipes from the treasure chests at the end of the dungeon.  And if you’re a fan of titles, get this, you’ll have the chance to be labeled “Goblin Hero” once you’ve completed the adventure.  Sexay!

You can learn more about Runes of Magic and it’s upcoming escapades here.

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