RuneScape Celebrates First Anniversary Of Mobile With Player Rewards


Jagex are offering players a suite of rewards for logging on.

June 14, 2022

To commemorate the first-year anniversary of RuneScape’s full mobile launch, Jagex is offering players a cache of in-game rewards. 

RuneScape is a hugely popular MMORPG that has been beloved for over two decades. The mainline version of the game maintains a healthy player population, though it is dwarfed by the number of active players of Old School Runescape. For those unaware, Old School RuneScape is a community-driven version of the game maintained by Jagex. Similar to World of Warcraft Classic, Old School is based on an earlier build of RuneScape which is popular among legacy players. 


The long-awaited launch of RuneScape on mobile was completed last year on June 17. The mobile version shipped with full cross-platform functionality and according to Jagex, 40% of RuneScape’s current player base comes from the mobile platform. In order to celebrate the one-year anniversary of RuneScape’s mobile launch, Jagex will be offering several rewards for playing. 

Paying members and free-to-play players will receive five treasure hunter keys to open loot chests. Additionally, players will receive a 50% XP boost for a limited time. The Bullsmith outfit, pictured below, will also be unlocked as a final reward. 

RuneScape players are currently awaiting an update set to release on July 4. This patch will add the final boss fight of the Elder God Wars Dungeon, Zamorak. The showdown with Zamorak is being billed as “the biggest boss battle in RuneScape history” by Jagex, a prospect sure to excite players. 

To bridge the gap between the climactic battle which took place at the holy city of Senntisten, released in an update last October, and the upcoming battle with Zamorak, Jagex released a quest entitled “Twilight of the Gods” last week. This quest dives deeper into the lore surrounding Zamorak and brings the player on a collision course with The Lord of Chaos and Death in preparation for the release of the boss fight next month. 

While both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are going strong, a tabletop RPG will be the next step for the franchise. Well-known TTRPG developers Steamforged Games received £875,012 ($1,061,701) for their RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg project on Kickstarter, comfortably reaching their £100,000 ($117,000) goal. 


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