RuneScape Dungeoneering Impressions

May 30, 2010

RuneScape is one of the more popular free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online games on the internet right now and also offers a much expanded version of the game for paying customers. Skills, quests, and environments are added to the expanded pay-to-play game world often. Recently Jagex has decided to do something new for both the free-to-play users and paying members. The latest addition to the game titled, Dungeoneering, is the first time a new skill has been made available for free-to-play users. So how does this improve the game? Well, let’s take a look at what this Dungeoneering is all about, shall we?


The basic concept of the newly added skill, which is really less of a skill and more of a mini-game, is to enter dungeons and kill enemies with a group, duo, or solo. You can stand outside of the event shouting at people passing by in order to recruit them for your group or you can just wait until your friends are around. Enter the dungeon and begin to head through the floors containing ice fiends, mysterious shades, ice spiders, and more. On the first floor of a dungeon called Daemonheim, with Astrea Frostweb, an ice mage is the floor boss. This floor serves as a light paced introduction to Dungeoneering.

Throughout the game enemies vary depending on floor and there are a number of boss fights. There are lots of pickups in each floor. Players can also trade with a smuggler along the way in a maze-style reveal of rooms. At the completion of each dungeon you will be given an arcade style presentation of the summary of your success. Information including kills deaths experience being added and details on your dungeon like size etc is displayed. Then after this scene a new dungeon loads.

The skills required are displayed at the beginning of each dungeon as well as complexity. After each dungeon your inventory is reset for better or worse. More enemies include forgotten mage, forgotten warriors, hydra ice elementals, and more. Not only will u be slashing your way through all of these foes but also you will have to stop and find keys along the way to get yourself along rooms. Even with what sounds like a great addition for free players, the lack of action at the level high end RS players would hope for in the early stages of this new skill may run some players off from sticking around to see if it gets better.

The inability for the player to bring their own weapons and items into the game seems pointless. Money is only for in the dungeon and all items and supplies are stripped from the player when they exit the dungeons. It’s not a skill but rather it seems to be a mini-game to con players to work for capes. Now Jagex has also lifted the bar and Putreal Cape is at level 120, just to make sure everyone is trying out Dungeoneering.

Although it’s great that Jagex is taking RuneScape game-play in new directions still; I think it is a very poor attempt to provide something for the free2play users and for the ‘skillers’ and ‘questers’ who are paying customers it offers even less value, yet it is forced upon them. The puzzle elements attached to it do a great job of providing cooperative game-play while in a party however in solo mode it’s very annoying to try and figure them out. Typical RuneScape puzzles would at least give you a general idea of what is expected of you whereas Dungeoneering puzzles are simply so obscure it often comes down to your best guess or searching online for MMO guides to be updated.

The good thing about this addition to RuneScape is that it is free. If you want to try it today join the social massive multiplayer experience at the Jagex site today. The game can be played from many web-browsers. Some games out there are so bad that a lot of people cannot even play them due to headaches and overall repulsion. This game is better than those, and maybe if you have never been in a dungeon before in an MMO you might enjoy it but overall it needs more work before it can be considered fun by most of the RuneScape community and gamers in general.

RuneScape Dungeoneering Trailer:

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