How to Fix Runescape Error Loading Profile - What the Devs Suggest?

The number of players facing the error is increasing.

Many of the players around the world are facing a trending issue in Runescape that prevents them from accessing the game. The problem started annoying players from yesterday, and thus far, more and more players are encountering the same Runescape Error Loading Profile. For a short period, some players managed to log into the game and get past the error, but the problem is still stable for some other players.

How to Fix Runescape Error Loading Profile

To be honest, currently, there’s no official way to get rid of this error in Runescape. The team is working hard on fixing the issue for all the players as they have done it a few times before but the error keeps coming back. That being said, the only thing that developers advise for fixing the issue is to keep trying to log in continuously. Other than that, there’s nothing to do unless reporting the issue to the support team to make them aware of the number of players facing the same problems in different regions.

The developers have been trying since last night to roll out a new update for the game to wipe out all the issues, but the timeline or release date of the update is yet to be known. Make sure to follow the News page of the game’s official website or the related thread for errors on Reddit in order to get the latest updates on the matter as soon as possible.

In the end, you can rest assured that your account won’t be lost and your progression and save will remain safe according to the support team behind Runescape. Make sure to submit a ticket for any other issues or errors that you receive other than the current Loading Profile error on this page.

Runescape is a free-to-play online game available on PC.

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