Nicalis Details the Big Changes Coming to Nintendo Switch's Runner3

Hero quests, retro challenges, Charles Martinet narration, and flying eggplants are only a few of the things included in the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Runner3.

By Landon Luthi

March 6, 2018

Sometime later this year, CommanderVideo is making a daring return in Runner3 — a music-themed treasure hunt exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Dant Rambo, producer and writer on Runner3, posted on the Nicalis blog about upcoming features included with the third title in the BIT.TRIP.RUNNER series.  Fans of the series will be excited to know that Runner3 will once again be (once again) featuring Charles Martinet (the voice of most male Super Mario characters) for his voice acting skills in the game’s unlockable puppet shows.

Constant changes in creative scenery was something of a focus for the new Runner game. Runner3 will offer three worlds with their own inner levels of varying textures and themes. For instance, the Foodland world will have food-themed levels within it, such as a fridge, or even a cheddar cheese cave. Meanwhile, Spookyland offers doll-filled valleys, spooky owls inside of decrepit buildings full of textbooks and more.

CommanderVideo and his friends will receive new move-sets, like the double-jump and ground pound abilities — dance moves included. There are two paths players may take in each level: Gold Path or Gem Path. The Gold Path offers more traditional modes of Runner, while the Gem Paths offer more challenging trials.

Like the previous titles’ gold bars, gems are the new premium currency in Runner3. They can be collected in their respective levels and then spent on some of the best items in the game from the item shop. This item shop will offer players new costumes and accessories, like comedic capes for their Runner. Both the gold and the gems will be usable currency in Runner3.

Retro Challenges are not a new concept in the Runner series. Many can be discovered after collecting all gold bars in a level from the past Runner games. The art style of the new Retro Challenges give us something similar to Cuphead, or classic Mickey Mouse cartoons. New features in Retro Challenges are free movement, complete control of CommanderVideo.

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Hero Quests are another addition to the series. While these are optional for players, they can offer great rewards, such as new playable characters.

As mentioned above, Runner3 is coming sometime in 2018 to Nintendo Switch. Want to see more? Check out Runner3‘s initial announcement trailer below:

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