Runner3 Submitted to Nintendo for Final Testing and Approval; Release Date to be Revealed Soon

Developer Choice Provisions confirms that Runner3 for PC and Nintendo Switch has been submitted for final testing and approval by Nintendo.

on February 16, 2018 12:09 PM

Runner3, the newest entry in the BIT.TRIP Runner series, was revealed to be coming to Nintendo Switch last February by Choice Provisions, with development continuing smoothly since then. After a nearly year-long wait, the developers announced today in a blog post that Runner3’s development has wrapped up, and the game has been submitted to Nintendo for final approval to release.

That being said, Choice Provisions does not yet have a release date to announce. The developers have to get the go-ahead from Nintendo after testing in order to organize the game’s physical release on the system, which is coming courtesy of Nicalis, so it’s still a bit too early for them to confirm an exact release date.

The developers ended the post by confirming that Runner3 will be releasing on PC via Steam the same day it comes out on Nintendo Switch. The BIT.TRIP is pretty popular, so it’s nice to see that the developers are supporting more than one platform at the game’s launch.

For those of you who don’t know, Runner3 is a fast-paced platformer starring Commander Video, the mascot of the BIT.TRIP. According to Choice Provisions, the final game will include 6 worlds (half of them are retro), with each world consisting of nine levels and a boss. There will certainly be a lot for series fans to sink their teeth into here.

You can check out some new screenshots for the game below. Runner3 will hopefully release on Nintendo Switch and PC sometime over the next couple months.

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