Rush Mode Now Available in the Final Week of Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes for Battlefield V

Rush, the game mode immortalized by Battlefield: Bad Company 2, returns to the series in Battlefield V but only for a limited time.

By Steven Santana

March 7, 2019

Popular Battlefield game mode Rush returns to the franchise during the final week of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes for Battlefield V.

Rush will only be playable from March 7-March 20, 2019. This gameplay mode first appeared in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in which a team of attackers attempt to arm bombs in specific areas while the defending team, well, defends against that. Should the attackers succeed the defenders are pushed back into the map to the next area generally culminating in the third area. Since then it has appeared in every mainline Battlefield game and is now a part of Battlefield V, though only for a limited time. Battlefield V‘s version of Rush is playable on Twisted Steel, Narvik, and Devastation maps and will feature 16 v 16 teams.

You can get a look at each map’s Rush variation in the image gallery below. Rush is playable as a standalone mode beginning today and is also part of the Grand Operation Battle of Hannut mode.  DICE also published a blog post containing some hints on the different sectors for each map that you can read on their site.

Alongside Rush becoming available a new update for Battlefield V was also published that introduced the new weekly challenge (active from March 7-14), whose final task will reward players with the Mosquito FB Mk VI aircraft. You can customize the aircraft to be a dogfighter or anti-ground attacker. The tasks required as part of the weekly challenge are:

  • What a Rush: Play a round of Rush.
  • Reaper: Kill 30 enemies.
  • Forlorn Hope: Kill five enemies in one life.
  • Demolitions Specialist: Arm or disarm four objectives in Rush, Frontlines, or Airborne.
  • Big Guns Never Tire: As a squad, call in Sector Artillery or Smoke Barrage Reinforcements five times.
  • Guardian Angel: Revive 20 teammates.
  • Aegis: Deal 800 damage using stationary weapons.
  • Adrenaline Junkie: Score 25,000 points in Rush.

Weekly challenge 2, which runs from March 14-21, 2019, will reward players with the Ju-88c airplane. Much like the Mosquito this plane can also be customized for air-to-air fights or air-to-ground ones. Those wanting to earn this plane will need to complete the following:

  • Fire for Effect: Kill or assist in killing five enemies.
  • Puffball: Deploy smoke five times.
  • Dirty Work: Score 2,500 points as Medic or Support.
  • Glory Hounds: Score 2,500 points as Assault or Recon.
  • Firebug: Arm an objective in Rush, Airborne, or Frontlines.
  • Motor Pool: As a squad, request five Reinforcement vehicles.
  • Nerves of Steel: Defuse three objectives.
  • Spearhead: Deal 500 damage while in a vehicle.
  • Bring it Down: Deal 250 damage to vehicles.
  • Accomplished Arsonist: Destroy two objectives in Rush, Airborne, or Frontlines.
  • Thick as Thieves: Revive or resupply squad mates 25 times.
  • A-Team: As a squad, get 200 kills or squad assists.

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The full patch notes for this update can be found here. The third chapter of updates for Battlefield V, Trial by Fire, will begin in late March and will include the battle royale mode that has been long talked about.

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