Russian Subway Dogs Invade PAX South: Looking at a Summer Release

Russian Subway Dogs Invade PAX South: Looking at a Summer Release

PAX South opened to a throng of indie developers this weekend. The Canadian devs at Spooky Squid Games went down to San Antonio and showed off their latest work, Russian Subway Dogs. The title is planned to for a PC/Mac release on Steam and

The release date has not officially been confirmed but one of the two devs, Miguel, retweeted an interested comment from one of the PAX South attendees:



Russian Subway Dogs is inspired by the real life story of stray canines that take the Moscow Metro as a act of survival. Being a video game, this version has the train hopping animals has them barking at commuters for food and avoiding underground bears. These dogs even have traditional Russian hats (an ‘ushanka’) to keep them warm.

Gameplay basically involves taking your mutt and avoiding danger while eating whatever you can. Barking allows you to launch food and vodka up in the air from the humans passing through. Food gives you points and is needed to complete a level whereas vodka acts as an explosive when it lands. You have to keep food away from rival dogs while also protecting yourself from danger.

Russian Subway Dogs tried to secure funding back through Kickstarter back in August of last year. Unfortunately the campaign was about halfway shy of their $50,000 CAD (approx $38,000 USD) goal.

However the duo at Spooky Squid Games has not let this deter them and have continued work on the game in spite of setbacks. The build they brought to PAX South was brand new and those in attendance were given a chance to play an updated version of the game.

A prototype of the game is available to download from Spooky Squid’s site. It was originally created at a game jam for the Pirate Kart initiative at GDC 2012.

Hopefully we’ll get a confirmation on the Summer release sometime soon, until then it’s just a general ‘2017’ launch. And while Russian Subway Dogs is being made for computers, the team is considering ports further down the line. They even have the game running on a few unspecified dev kits. For now, we’ll have to sit patiently at the door and wait.