Does Rust Console Edition Have PC Crossplay? How to Play with Friends on PS4 and Xbox One

Here's everything you need to know about crossplay on Rust Console Edition!

By Kyle Knight

May 18, 2021

Following the massive surge in Rust players back in January of 2021, the hype is still going strong as the popular survival game now has an official console edition. Rust does feature some form of crossplay on console, but you’ll need to know the specifics if you’re looking to play with your friends on PC.

Crossplay isn’t the only thing fans are eager to know about when it comes to the Console Edition of Rust. Check out the link below to find out if Rust will be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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Rust Console Edition

Many fans will already know of the survival game Rust as it released for PC and Mac back in 2018. Ever since its launch, the game has found a huge amount of success.

Most notably, in January of 2021 the game skyrocketed to over 244,000 thousand Steam users and became one of the most popular games on the platform.

For those that pre-order the deluxe edition of Rust Console Edition, you will gain access to the title on May 18, 3 days prior to the official launch of the game.

The developers have also pointed out that the PC version and Console version of Rust will be classed as separate entities, both having separate roadmaps.

So, what does that mean for crossplay if the two are separate entities?

Does Rust Console Edition Have Crossplay?

The console edition of Rust does indeed have crossplay, but unfortunately only between Xbox users and PlayStation users. If you’re looking to play with your friends on PC, doing so is not possible from the console edition of Rust.

In short, users are able to play with friends on other consoles, but not on PC.

Play With Friends via Crossplay

If you’re playing Rust Console Edition on a PlayStation 4 and want to play with a friend on Xbox One, or vice versa, there are multiple ways to do so.

Private servers are one way to play with friends, but they do cost to set up. If you’re happy to pay for a monthly subscription then go ahead and create a custom server from the main menu of Rust and invite your friends.

If creating your own server doesn’t interest you simply head into an official Rust server, invite your friends to join and have fun!

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