Rust December Update Release Time and Patch Notes Today

All servers will receive a Blueprint Wipe with today's update!

December 2, 2021

The first Thursday of the month has arrived, which means a brand new Rust PC update will be going live later today (December 2) with plenty of new content and changes.

If you’re eager to find out what’s included in the final update of 2021, you can check out all of the details right here in this article, including the official release time.

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Rust | Console Edition Devastation Unleashed Update Trailer

Rust | Console Edition Devastation Unleashed Update Trailer

Rust December Update Release Time

The next update for the PC version of Rust will be going live on Thursday, December 2nd, 2021.

According to the Rust Twitter account, the official release time for today’s update is 11AM PT / 2PM ET / 7PM GMT. However, all servers will be taken offline at 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT in order to carry out server maintenance and prepare for the new monthly update.

Rust December Update Patch Notes

Below you will find the official patch notes for the December 2 Rust PC update, which is now live!


  • Enhanced First Person spectate
  • Excavator supply drops


  • Excavator 2.5x more yeild
  • Failed code lock entry for after 8 failed attempts now locks out user for 15mins
  • Exposed bear, boar and chicken populations in Server Admin UI
  • Increased human AI line-of-sight responsiveness.
  • Compound Bow moved to T1 Techtree
  • Compound Bow loses condition while drawn back
  • Reduced NVG grain and overlay intensity
  • Fish can now be sold for more scrap at fishing village exchange
  • MP5 NPC drop chance lowered
  • Watch tower decay, health and craft time higher
  • Table item craft no longer need metal fragments
  • Higher forest density
  • TechTree T2 electricity and car parts now on a separate branch
  • [MLRS] Increased the target hit area, and rockets cluster less towards the centre. In general it’s now better for larger bases vs. precision targeting.
  • [MLRS] Increased the MLRS UI map zoom a little to make targeting easier (remember that it will show a marker you’ve placed as well).
  • [MLRS] The MLRS UI now supports characters from other languages.
  • [MLRS] The MLRS rocket explosion ground effect now plays at the true hit point rather than directly below the main explosion.
  • [MLRS] Reduced MLRS rocket world model size and mass to 25% of actual size and mass. No more giant rockets.


  • Fixed skull rock skin missing sound effects
  • Fixed case where ammo would be lost when an auto turret reloads a weapon
  • Animals no longer continue to attack player corpses.
  • Animals will no longer attack players inside modular vehicles.
  • Fixed desync exploit abused by some private hack providers
  • Fixed gap exploit abused by a large number of hacks
  • Fixed missions UI enabled on first open and requiring double click to close
  • Fixed some mission typos, incorrect text and wrong reward amounts
  • [MLRS] Fixed MLRS rocket backfire effects flashing on when entering LOD range.
  • [MLRS] Fixed cassette recorders not sticking correctly to MLRS moving parts.
  • Fixed SAM sites not shooting hot air balloons anymore
  • The info panel for rocket ammo now shows their true maximum range instead of a semi-fabricated one.
  • Fixed LOD issues on the excavator

For a full breakdown of today’s Rust update, make sure to check out the developer blog right here.

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