Rust Drones – How Does the Game’s Latest Addition Work

Rust Drones – How Does the Game’s Latest Addition Work

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Rust is undergoing somewhat of a resurgence. The game has seen a massive spike in its player base over the last few months as Twitch streamers have flocked back to the survival hit. The game continues to receive regular content and updates and the latest one is now here. As part of this update, alongside the Softcore Mode, there are now Rust drones. But how do they work?

Rust Drones – How do they work? Where can you find them?

Usually, if a player wants to make a purchase from one of the games many public vending machines, they’d have to venture over to its location. This presented a risk of being ambushed by other players. Thankfully, the update has added delivery drones to the game, making purchasing items easier and safer.

To use the service, players need to make their way to one of Rust’s safe zones. There, they will find special drone terminals. These terminals allow players to order items from any of the game’s vending machines, from anywhere on the map. The only vending machines which cannot be ordered from are those not in an open area.

What is the cost of this service?

There’s a small fee involved with using the Rust drones (20 scrap) and also a minor risk involved. After the drone returns to the safe zone, players have a maximum of five minutes to collect the item before they become available to their fellow Rust comrades. There is no risk of losing your items as they travel across the map though. The drones are impervious to bullets and cannot be destroyed.

What else does the Softcore Gamemode add?

The mode veers away from the relentless PVP action Rust players are used to and offers a more casual gameplay experience. Players can reclaim half of their items after death, they may now spawn at either the Bandit Town or Outpost safe zones, they can only view the contents of a wounded player and the new maximum team size is four. There will be 10 new servers launching to support this feature.