RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Receives Colorful Console Launch Trailer

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Receives Colorful Console Launch Trailer

Last July, the hack-n-slash game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse made its way to Steam. Based on a popular anime of the same name, the title was slated to be released on consoles ‘Winter 2016’. This however was delayed but surprisingly only for a short period. The drop date for the PS4 and Xbox One was moved to January 17th. To celebrate this fact, developer Rooster Teeth Games recently showed off a launch trailer on their twitter.

RWBY (pronounced ‘ruby’) features a group of four women who can use the powerful element known as ‘Dust’. So with this ability, they protect the world of Remnant from the monstrous creatures of Grimm. From this set up, the dev team were smart and made a 4 Player Online Co-op with the characters from the anime. The game also contains its own unique personalities and storylines not seen in on TV.

As well as the points above, the game includes:

  • Full voiceover from the cast of the show, plus new voice talent
  • Ranked challenges, unlocks, and achievements
  • Horde Mode featuring 3 unique maps focused on intense co-op action, strategy, and defense turrets. Protect security nodes and survive waves of Grimm!

Luckily all these things will be available soon for consoles for fans of the anime or curious parties who enjoy Dynasty Warriors like gameplay. Unfortunately no price has been given for these ports but it should be similar to the $19.99 USD Steam version. The trailer is below: