S.O.N. Gets Creepy New Found Footage Gameplay Trailer

S.O.N. Gets Creepy New Found Footage Gameplay Trailer

The latest gameplay trailer for the psychological survival horror game S.O.N. is full of creepy writing, dark, bloody hallways, and a jump scare.

Today, a new gameplay trailer debuted for the survival horror game S.O.N. on PlayStation’s YouTube Channel. Developed by RedG Studios, the game looks just as creepy as it did in the first gameplay trailer that was released back in May.

S.O.N. follows Robert Alderson as he desperately searches for his son Jay who has gone missing deep within the Pennsylvanian forest known as South of Nowhere. The trailer features footage on a VHS tape that was discovered three months after another father named Dylan Shuss went into South of Nowhere to search for his own daughter named Tammy.


The creepy trailer, that you can watch below, also features the word “Why” in what looks like blood written in the snow over and over again. Blood covers the floor in dark hallways, the sound of a child crying is heard, and of course, no found footage would be complete without a jump scare.

S.O.N. will be a PS4 exclusive, and the game’s website says that it will be released during the holidays later this year.