Sacred Fire’s Kickstarter Concludes Successfully; Hits Three Stretch Goals

Sacred Fire’s Kickstarter Concludes Successfully; Hits Three Stretch Goals

Sacred Fire’s Kickstarter has concluded, raising $65,000 USD across 1,435 backers, a decent amount above its $50,000 USD campaign goal. Additionally, the game also managed to hit three stretch goals.

According to Slovakia-based developer Poetic, Sacred Fire is a turn-based, narrative-driven role-playing game in which your humanity and emotions impact your fight for survival and inner freedom. The game is said to be inspired by ancient Caledonia, and the story follows a group of resistance fighters and their rise to power.

Further, the game explores your fight for inner freedom: where choosing motives, ideas, and feelings are as important as choosing your actions. Over the course of the game, and through the many decisions you make, you will develop your character’s — who you create — personality and compete for influence to change the story and avert a tragic ending in one of the many endings you can get.

Here’s a breakdown of the game, courtesy of its Kickstarter page:


No magic, no dragons, no high-fantasy. Fight for your future and that of your people in a conflict inspired by Caledonia’s history.

Rome has sought to conquer Caledonia for as long as your people can recall. Only fierce resistance drove the Romans back behind the great wall marking the boundary of their empire. There Rome is watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

But walls do not bring peace, and the scars of war run deep. Trouble stirs at Dunadd, the seat of power of your people, as Morrigan, a vengeful queen, rises to power.

You may be young, but you have seen enough of war for a lifetime. Will you unite the tribes and bring an end to strife, or will you channel their rage and crush Rome once for all?

Core Gameplay:

The gameplay of Sacred Fire has two major phases.

In the Story Phase you solve conflicts in dialogues or combat by selecting one of several choices. The goal is not only to survive, but also to win renown and trust of potential allies.

Exploit the fear and anger of your enemies and use willpower to stay in control in this new psychological take on tactical combat.

The second phase is the Fort Phase. This is where strategy and politics take place. Deal with traumatic memories, manage resources and remove relationship states like Envy, Hate or Prejudice.

The ability to change yourself, other characters, and the outcome of the revenge-fueled war is the heart of this new role-playing experience.


Our combat ruleset revolves around your character’s inner strength. It blends storytelling and tactics while testing your character’s ingenuity and integrity at the same time.

Your emotions are your weapon and your weakness. Anger adds strength to your attacks – but makes them less accurate and can leave your defense open. And just as your enemies’ fear can weaken their resolve, it can erode your strength as well.

Each turn you choose one of four goals: survive, provoke, intimidate, and gain renown. You can choose to skip an attack to save up energy and charge a special opportunity faster.

Once charged, it enables you to regain self-control, use special moves or trigger a narrative event – a risk chain of probability checks giving you the opportunity to win the fight.

Non-lethal Conflict Resolution

Diplomacy can end a conflict without bloodshed. Winning the respect of an opponent or instilling fear in your enemies can sometimes serve you better than littering the battlefield with corpses.


You will need allies to survive, but relationships are a double-edged sword. The challenge is to read the motivation of others and learn to overcome your own base instincts.

Each relationship has a breaking point, a moment where it is tested. It remains strong or fails, based on your choices. Will you be prepared?

These are the characters who can be your allies in Sacred Fire.

Character Boss Fights

Sacred Fire features 10 major story characters. Each represents an ultimate psychological challenge such as overcoming guilt, resisting envy or winning trust.

Politics and Stratgey:

After the phase of story choices and tactical combat, you return to Dunadd. Here you manage resources, build relationships and develop your inner strength.

The point is to rise in influence above all the other story characters, so you have the ability to decide the course of action in critical situations and change the story.

As mentioned above three stretch goals were also hit during the campaign: extended character creation, inner voice for your playable character, and partial voice-over for the 10 main characters. You can read more about these stretch goals, as well more about the game, via the Kickstarter page.

Sacred Fire is in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, and is slated to release sometime in Spring 2018. After its release on PC, the game will be ported over to Xbox One and PS4.

Below, you can check out the game’s latest trailer: