New RPG The Sacred Hero Announced for Switch via Simple Teaser Trailer

New RPG The Sacred Hero Announced for Switch via Simple Teaser Trailer

A somewhat mysterious RPG was recently confirmed for a 2018 release on both PC and Switch through a teaser trailer. The Sacred Hero is being developed by Simplistic Entertainment and the short YouTube description says that it is ‘a unique adventure game that twists the conventions of the RPG genre.’

The teaser video is very light on info with the camera panning up from an underground cave with a sword embedded in a rock up to a forest. I did a little bit of digging to find out more about the game and the UK based developers and really there isn’t much.

Some voice actors are mentioned so clearly there will be spoken dialogue/narration in the game. A musician by the name of Ruven Wegener is providing the music for the game. Looking at his portfolio it seems like he’s done mostly symphonic covers of music from more recent Nintendo games.

There is another trailer that acts as a ‘2D Sample’ that’s marked as an E3 2016 presentation. A bit more of the story is presented here (in 16bit RPG form) about a hero named Leons who is destined to save Histiana. The facts about the game in the video seem pretty standard with ‘hundreds of characters and treasures’ and the ability to make a quest log.


Screenshot from the 2D teaser.

More intriguing are the 10 elemental/mystical symbols that appear at the end of the trailer. The Sacred Hero Facebook page spends a lot of time hinting at the significance of these items and challenges the viewer to figure out the mystery behind them.


The 10 elemental symbols that apparently are integral to the game.

It’s unclear how much has changed between the recent trailer and the new one. It seems as if Simplistic is making a 3D RPG that probably will contain the story elements from the 2D version. I’m taking everything with a grain of salt since very little has been said about this game. Also the ‘The Game Awards 2016 Gameplay World Premiere’ that was mentioned in the 2D teaser never materialized.

It’s interesting that they’re releasing on the Switch and I’m sure we’ll find out more about it closer to the 2018 release date. But I’m hoping that as more games are announced for Nintendo’s new console, these reveals are more substantial and clear than Simplistic’s marketing choices. The two trailers are available below: