SAD-ist Set to Release New Dream SMP Lore Animatic

By Frankie Clarke

September 24, 2021

Fan Animator SAD-ist is set to release a new Dream SMP Lore Animatic today with fans and streamers alike waiting in anticipation.

The Dream SMP, a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer roleplay server, has a very active fandom from fans live-tweeting its lore streams to fan art such as digital art, traditional art and even music, inspired by its many tales. One of the biggest forms of fan media though is animatics or more specifically, animatics from beloved fan animator SAD-ist.

SAD-ist, who has garnered one million followers on Twitter and 2.4 million subscribers on Youtube from their stunning animatics, has been teasing fans for a few days now that they have finished their latest instalment to their Dream SMP Lore animations collection.

Minecraft Dungeons | Steam Launch Trailer

Minecraft Dungeons | Steam Launch Trailer

This morning, September 24, SAD-ist surprised fans by tweeting out a birthday gift with a link to the premiere of the newest addition of their series of Dream SMP Animatics, ‘Final Waltz’ which is set to premiere at 6 pm BST.

What era will the animatic be?

With a name like ‘Final Waltz’ and from what we can see from the thumbnail, fans are now speculating where the animatic lies in the large Lore timeline of the Dream SMP.

Most fans seem to think it will be the infamous ‘Disc Confrontation’ between, (c! means character), c!Tommy, c!Tubbo and c!Dream, whilst others are unsure as that means missing out on the emotional ‘Doomsday War’.

So far SAD-ist has released a total of 4 Lore animatics; [Dream SMP War], “The Fall”, “Dawn of 16th” and “Hog Hunt”, all garnering between 16 to 20 million views each and the first of which was drawn on their phone as a passion project as stated in an interview with Dream SMP member Jack Manifold.

You can watch Sad-ist newest animatic ‘Final Waltz’ at 6 pm BST on September 24, below.

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