Safe in Our World Unveils Charity for Mental Health in the Games Industry

Launching today on World Mental Health is a brand new charity that focuses on providing better mental health in the games industry.

Today is World Mental Health Day and in light of this important date, a host of veteran game professionals and ambassadors have launched a brand new charity to help promote and bring awareness to better mental health within the gaming industry. Safe in Our World has one set vision in mind and that’s “to create an online destination where people can seek help, gain access to resources and information, and discover stories from real people within and surrounding the games industry”.

Safe in Our World is founded by gaming professionals Leo Zullo from Wired Productions, Neil Broadhead, and LittleBig PR’s Gareth Williams, with involvement from the publisher’s Al Hibberd and Aaron Cooper. The charity is also supported by a host of international backers and individuals who is just as committed and passionate about helping those in need.

The charity’s ambition is to bring creators, professionals, and players together to discuss openly the vast spectrum of mental health conditions and to be there to support each other.  Safe In Our World has also launched a website that will be a hub of resources for those who need advice and help on coping with mental health conditions like depression, stress, bullying, isolation, insomnia, anger, bullying and many more areas of information that will become an anchor to those seeking guidance in their hour of need.

With over 50 percent of the world’s population playing video games and one in four people globally affected by mental health issues, the organization states that while the task is daunting, it is committed to driving “forward initiatives to support and help players around the world”.

One of the key features from Safe In Our World is to highlight mental health issues through vital exposure in gaming experiences; beginning with Fractured Minds from 2017 BAFTA Young Games Designer award winner, Emily Mitchell, then a young 17-year-old who found solace through game development. Wired Productions will publish Fractured Minds, with 80 percent of all game profits to be split evenly between a private fund for Emily’s future and to support Safe In Our World initiatives which will help others. The charity says that more projects will be revealed in the coming weeks that will be supporting the charity.

Chair and Trustee, Leo Zullo commented, “The video games industry creates worlds for a huge number of vulnerable people, and it is our duty to help and support them. We can reach them and share this message if we work together; we can actually make a difference.” He continued, “Safe In Our World is the first step in these efforts, and we’re delighted with the response within the industry and the partners and individuals who are joining this initiative.”

Gina Jackson, Trustee for Safe In Our World commented, “There’s so much work to do in both awareness and the changing of attitudes within our industry, as well as within the communities we create and serve. Safe In Our World takes its first steps today, and we’re delighted that Emily has allowed Fractured Minds to support the charity. It’s such a poignant experience and one we’re humbled she’s allowing us to share with the world in aid of Safe In Our World.”

Safe In Our World launches today in support of World Mental Health Day and you can visit their site for more information right here. Fractured Minds has yet to receive a launch date but when it does, it will release on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. Check out the Fractured Minds trailer below.

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