Saints Row IV DLC Adds A Little Bling Bling and Free Community Content

Still exploring Steelport’s Saints Row IV? Then Volition Studios has a variety of content coming your way.

First is the newly released “Bling Bling Pack,” which offers a few new power variants that literally add bang to your buck.

The Make It Rain Storp allows you use the Stomp ability to make dollars drop from the sky; the Midas Touch Buff gives players a gold aura that infects enemies and makes them burst into cache when destroyed; the Bling Blast hits foes with the power of money; and the Shakedown Telekinesis ability lets you levitate foes while shaking them down for money. You can view all of these powers in the trailer below.

Next, the “Reverse Cosplay Pack” features free content from a community contest from Volition to its fans, with the Genki Space Pimp outfit by creator Sunny Koda and the Freckle Bitch delivery girl outfit by creator Emy Lebugle (fans of Saints Row and Saints Row 2 may recall the classic “Freckle Bitch” fast food restaurant chain). The video shows all of the details that went into designing these characters, and can also be seen below.

Finally, the “Gameon & College Daze Pack” introduces two types of content. On one side is some sports gear, including the Puck Truck, hockey gear, goalie gear, a hockey stick and a hockey mask, as well as a golf cap, set of fairway formal duds and an iron. On the college side of things is fratboy and sorority girl outfits, with the Beer Helmet, Bra Hat, Shayne’s Barstool Racer, and more, which can all be seen below as well.

And as if I haven’t written enough, the winner of the GameStop Warped Weapon Challenge, the Polarizer, can be seen below in the gallery, which is basically Half-Life 2‘s gravity gun, but with a giant magnet.

All of this content is currently out for the Xbox 360 and PC via Steam, but will be made available for the PS3 next week.

Bling Bling Pack

Reverse Cosplay Pack

Gameon & College Daze Pack

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