Saints Row IV DLC Takes You “From the White House to the Countryside”

on August 28, 2013 1:21 PM

Saints Row IV is out, and it’s awesome (at least, that’s what I think of it). But if you want any more crazy costumes and whacky weapons, then look no further than the┬áPresidential Pack and Grass Roots Pack content, available today on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

As you can see in the “From the White House to the Countryside” trailer below, the Presidential Pack gives players four masks, which let them play as our two most celebrated presidents ever, Washington and Lincoln, and our two most recent, Bush and Obama. There’s also a historical female costume, to hold us over until we get a female president. The Grass Roots Pack gives players some new accessories, as well as a double-barreled shotgun and the Plunger Launcher, which, as the name suggests, launches plungers… that hit your face and explode.

These two packs are available via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and Steam, for $2.99 apiece. Check out the trailer and screenshots below for a closer look at the content.

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