Saints Row IV Introduces Even More Explosive, Alien DLC

Saints Row IV Introduces Even More Explosive, Alien DLC

Saints Row IV continues to roll out the DLC, with today’s including the explosive Element of Destruction Pack and the Zinyak Attack Pack.

The trailer, which you can view below, shows off the several new abilities of the Destruction Pack, one for each of the four power types your president has in the game.

For Blast comes the explosive chain, which gives players the power to throw a fiery power ball that ignites any object it comes across. When that object hits another, it explodes, and when that new object hits another, it explodes. Telekinesis receives the telekinetic time bomb, which turns victims into ticking explosives waiting to go off. Explosive buff turns the player into a sort of version of the X-Men‘s Gambit, making anything they touch combustible. Airstrike stomp makes any victims inside the stomp’s radius blast-off into the sky, presumably never to be seen again.

The Zinyak Pack, which hasn’t received a trailer or screenshots yet, but comes with three Zin outfits, including the trooper, the Warden and the “magnificent cranial ridge and flowing cape” of Zinyak himself.

The Destruction Pack is available for $2.99 and the Zinyak Pack for $1.99, via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and Steam. For more details, screenshots and trailer on the game, check out all of our extensive Saints Row IV news coverage.