Saint’s Row IV Will Have a Ton of Nolan North if You Want

Saint’s Row IV Will Have a Ton of Nolan North if You Want

Lets just get this out of the way. Good or bad, Saint’s Row IV will most likely be one of the most outrageous games you’ll play this year. Today the full cast was revealed with a special surprise.

In Saint’s Row The Third, the seventh voice option was of a mush-mouthed zombie that sang like an angel. This time around the seventh voice will just be Nolan North. I can only assume he will say charming Nolan North things as you’re punching aliens in the face as the President of the United States. The Uncharted star will be lending his talents with other superstars such Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite) and Keith David (He was in Gargoyles so anything else really doesn’t matter).

The Cast:

Keith David  – As himself
Danielle Nicolet – Shaundi
Jennifer Jules Hart – Shaundi #2
Natalie Lander – Kinzie Kensington
Terry Crews  – Benjamin King
JB Blanc  – Zinyak/Phillipe Loren
Michael Dorn – Maero
Neil Patrick Harris – DJ Veteran Child
Yuri Lowenthal –  Matt Miller
Arif Kinchen – Pierce Washington
Tim Thomerson – Cyrus Temple
Mike Carlucci – Zach
Rob Van Dam – Bobby
Rebecca Riedy – Asha Odekar
Andrew Bowen –  Josh Birk/NyteBlayde
Michael Yurchak – CID
TC Carson – Big Tony
Ursula Taherian – Tanya
Ogie Banks – Warren Williams

The President:
Nolan North
Troy Baker
Laura Bailey
Robin Atkin Downes
Diane Michelle
Kenn Michael
Sumalee Montano

I had a serious geek out reading this list.  Micheal Dorn AKA Worf from Star-Trek is in this game! Read the list and have a private moment to yourself.