Saints Row: The Third will Get a Stand-Alone Expansion

Saints Row: The Third will Get a Stand-Alone Expansion

Today, THQ confirmed the development of a stand-alone expansion pack for Saints Row: The Third. What may have started off as an April’s Fool Joke will now be a reality.

The upcoming expansion will be called Enter the Dominatrix, which should come as no real surprise to anyone who’s played through the game. It will take place right after the main story line as the alien warlord, Zinuak, kidnaps the leader of the Third Street Saints. Why? Because he wants to takeover Earth and the Saints are badass enough to stop him. 

As leader of the gang, you’ll get tossed into a virtual replica of Steelport within the Dominatrix. You’ll be a slave, but there are perks. For starters, according to Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President, Core Game Production, THQ Inc, you’ll get “freaking super powers.”

“Faster than a speeding cyber jetbike, more powerful than a roided-out Luchadore, able to leap flying aircraft carriers in a single bound… That’s the power you’ll find inside the Dominatrix. Use it for good. Use it for evil. Use it for whatever you want. As always in Saints Row, it’s up to you.”

More details will be out this summer.