Shonen Jump's Assassin Manga Sakamoto Days Is Getting An Anime

The assassin comedy manga by Yuto Suzuki is getting an anime.

August 2, 2022

Sakamoto Days is one of the many ongoing manga in Shonen Jump Magazine, and the latest to get an anime adaptation greenlit. This isn’t an official announcement but a leak. According to reliable leakers, the gag manga featuring an ex-assassin will be getting a TV series.

Sakamoto Days features Sakamoto Taro, the best assassin in the world, who retired to get married. He’s now the owner of a convenience store together with his wife and daughter, and ends up interacting with other assassins in various ways. Overall, it’s a gag shonen series with comedic situations born from Sakamoto’s inhumane skills, and how he promised his wife to stop killing people.


Sakamoto Days, written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki, is a fairly recent series, having launched on November 21, 2020. There are currently 8 volumes out so far, with 81 chapters in total. Sakamoto Days is also one of the many manga series of Shonen Jump magazine getting a simultaneous English release, with every chapter getting released online as soon as the magazine is out in Japan, on Manga Plus.

Leakers Reveal Sakamoto Days Is Getting A TV Anime Adaptation

Personally speaking, I believe an anime adaptation for Sakamoto Days was inevitable at this point. With the rise of Netflix and simulcasting, the anime industry changed these last ten years in how rather than primarily aiming the Japanese market, it now has a global audience in mind. This means more and more anime series are being produced. Anime has been popular since the 80s in certain countries like France and Italy, but it’s now more mainstream than ever on a worldwide scale. And it’s a much more lucrative industry than ever. Though the conditions for animators have sadly not improved overall.

In any case, the Shonen genre is by far the most popular manga genre worldwide, so nowadays it’s only a matter of time before a Shonen Jump series ends up getting an anime. Unless the manga gets axed early on.

Seeing there is no official announcement yet, no one knows the staff behind the Sakamoto Days anime. Once we have those details via an official announcement, it will be a major indicator of the anime’s quality before its release.

Iyane Agossah

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