Sakura Wars Director Tetsuya Ootsubo on Possible Spinoff Games

I'm still waiting for Sega to announce Sakura Wars spinoff games like "Shin Hanagumi Taisen Columns" and seems like it's not an impossible scenario.

Sakura Wars, being a huge franchise in Japan, received multiple spinoff games, manga and more through the decades. The mix of Adventure and Dating Sim with a drop of Tactical and now Action was declined to many genres from dungeon crawlers to puzzle games. As such, when DualShockers got to interview Tetsuya Ootsubo, the director of Sakura Wars (Shin Sakura Taisen) we asked him if this new PS4 entry could get similar spinoff versions in the future. Here’s his answer.

Tetsuya Ootsubo: “We’re focused right now on getting as many people as possible to play the new Sakura Wars game. However, we would love the chance to work on a spinoff title for people who want to explore the world more and engage with the characters they like.”

Personally, one of the spinoffs, Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 on Dreamcast, is actually the Sakura Taisen game I played the most in my life. I’ve knew the series since I was a kid but I obviously had very limited Japanese knowledge back then, so this was much more accessible than the main games. The story mode was fully-voiced and had a comedic plot, and the versus mode was great to spend quality time with your siblings. I might suck at puzzle games, I definitely wouldn’t say no to a “Shin Hanagumi Taisen Columns” spinoff with the new cast of characters from Sakura Wars PS4.

In a sense, Sakura Wars PS4 already has its own spinoff inside the game, with the Koi-Koi Wars minigame being back in full force.

Sakura Wars Opening Movie

Our full interview with the Sakura Wars development team will be out tomorrow on Friday 10th. Meanwhile you can read other bits from the interview, including how Shin Sakura Taisen got the name Sakura Wars” in the west, and if we could get ports of the game to other platforms including Nintendo Switch.

The latest Sakura Taisen stream was held in late June, we summarized it all, most notably how a sequel was teased, and how the Stage Play is coming back.

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Sakura Wars is currently a PS4 exclusive and can be bought on Amazon.

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