Sakura Wars Dances in Star Ocean Anamnesis for a Crossover Event (Updated)

Star Ocean Anamnesis' Japanese version will be adding Sakura Wars characters starting January 17, with Sakura Shinguji opening the ball.

January 18, 2019

While Sega is still making us wait for news on the tentatively titled New Sakura Wars, the company’s making sure we’re not forgetting about it either. As such, the Japanese version of mobile game Star Ocean: Anamnesis will be starting up a Sakura Taisen collaboration event following January 17’s maintenance. Main character Sakura Shinguji will be added, with more characters following at a later date.

Sakura Wars‘ crossover event with Start Ocean: Anamnesis was first teased on January 13, and a full reveal along with a preview video, included above, was tweeted today. It shows one of Sakura’s finishers and her victory pose. Star Ocean: Anemnesis is reputed for being one of the best mobage when it comes to 3D models, and again it does not disappoint.


Star Ocean: Anamnesis holding a collaboration event with Sakura Wars is far from surprising, as other franchises related to Sega such as Infinite Undiscovery, NieR: Automata, Resonance of Fate and Valkyrie Profile all already had their collaboration events. Events with other companies’ games, such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, were already held as well.

Sakura Wars is extremely popular in Japan and always had regular collaboration events with multiple franchises and games. Phantasy Star Online 2 had multiple ones already. Mobage unrelated to Sega, such as Cygames’ Granblue Fantasy, already held a Sakura Wars collaboration event as well. More recently, in November 2018, idol franchise Love Live also had a collaboration event with Sakura Wars, featuring the girls from Love Live! Sunshine!! dressed in Koubu pilot outfits for various goods and a themed café. Sakura Wars also has its own mobage for Chinese and Korean mobile markets.  Last but not least, an art exposition for the Sakura Wars franchise was held in December.

Similar with the NieR: Automata collab, the Sakura Taisen collaboration event should hit the English servers of Star Ocean: Anamnesis in the next months.

New Sakura Wars will be released sometime after March 2019, for the latest platforms. The game’s development is handled by the same team who developed Valkyria Chronicles 4, something logical as Valkyria Chronicles finds its roots in Sakura Wars. Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi teased back in November that we’ll get to see New Sakura Wars in action soon, and be surprised by how awesome it’ll be, but it has yet to happen.

Update: Erica Fontaine has been revealed as the second Sakura Wars character joining Star Ocean Anamnesis on January 17.

On January 16, Gemini Sunrise has been revealed as the third Sakura Wars character joining Star Ocean Anamnesis with another teaser video.

Update: Artwork for Sakura, Erica, and Gemini in Star Ocean Anamnesis along with a new trailer have been published, they’re included below. You can also find below short videos showing the idle animation for each one of them.


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