Salt and Sanctuary for PS Vita Launches March 28, 2017

Today, developer Ska Studios announced via the PlayStation Blog that its Dark Souls-inspired 2D action RPG Salt and Sanctuary  — which launched last year and was received quite well — is set to finally launch for PS Vita later this month on March 28th.

As you may know, Ska Studios is a two-person studio, comprised of a husband and wife out of Seattle. It’s the pair’s fourth major game, and perhaps their most successful. James Silva, one-half of the Ska Studios team, says that Salt and Sanctuary is its “heartfelt love letter to the Souls series: a 2D platforming RPG that seeks to capture the danger and mystery of a haunted, unforgiving world, with the freedom of exploration and customization, and the weight of your choices impacting each playthrough in significant ways.”

Silva goes on to reveal that the PS Vita version was not even handled by Ska Studios, but rather Sickhead Games, who you may recognize as the team behind the console ports of games such as Darkest Dungeon and Stardew Valley.

However, Ska Studios did have a “small hand” in the game according to Silva: working on HUD elements, on the camera, some effects, and more.

As previously previously promised, Salt and Sanctuary will be cross-buy across PS Vita and PS4. It will cost $17.99 USD upon launch.

Silva concludes the blogpost with the following thank you message:

Of course, a big thank you for your patience and support. No game studio can survive without the respect of its customers, and the last thing we want is to feel like we’re letting you down. You’ve all been so awesome. Keep expunging heretics, making OP builds, doing naked level 1 runs, and abusing glitches.

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