Salt and Sanctuary to Bring Sidecrolling Souls-Like Action to Xbox One in February

After selling over 900,000 copies on other platforms, Ska Studios' Salt and Sanctuary will finally be coming to Xbox One on February 6.

While the Souls-like genre has gotten crowded in recent years, Ska Studios’ Salt and Sanctuary still stands out as one of the genre’s more unique titles. It adapted the Dark Souls formula into a 2D perspective in an interesting way, and caught the hearts of many when it launched for PS4 in March 2016. Since then, Salt and Sanctuary has made its way to PC, Mac, Linux, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch, amassing over 900,00 downloads.

Today, we learned that Salt and Sanctuary will finally be capping off the console port process when it releases for Xbox One on February 6. The Xbox One version of the game will cost $17.99 at launch and is being ported with the help of BlitWorks, a studio known for working on game ports. The Xbox One port of Salt and Sanctuary does not feature any new content.

That being said, the game’s return to Xbox is somewhat fitting as that is where their previous game The Dishwasher first gained popularity. Michelle and James Silva, Ska Studios’ Co-Founders, seemed quite happy to bring the game over to Xbox One in their own statement:

“Xbox holds a special place in our hearts because of how important The Dishwasher was to us personally and for Ska Studios as a company, so we’re glad to make this homecoming happen. Everyone who emailed us demanding an Xbox One port, will now be able to finally enjoy our creepy creation!”

For those of you curious about what Salt and Sanctuary entails, it follows the story of a member of a shipwrecked crew who wakes up on a remote island. Soon after, they are given the “mantle of the Saltborn” and must venture across this island to find the princess who was also lost in the shipwreck.

When it comes to gameplay, one can expect that same methodical Souls-like action, but from a 2D perspective. Salt and Sanctuary is also features deep RPG mechanics, with tons of different items, weapons, a skill tree abilities for players to tinker around with, and even features co-op. Those of you who want to know DualShockers’ thoughts on the game can check out our review of the Nintendo Switch version of Salt and Sanctuary. 

You can see the Xbox One version of the game in action for yourself via its first trailer below. Salt and Sanctuary is already available for Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and PS Vita, but those of you who have not gotten the game yet might want to consider picking up the Xbox One port on February 6.

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