Salt & Sanctuary Developer Possibly Looking into Nintendo Switch Port

Salt & Sanctuary Developer Possibly Looking into Nintendo Switch Port

James Silva, head developer at Ska Studios, hinted of the team possibly working on making a Nintendo Switch version happen.

Salt & Sanctuary, better known as the “2D Dark Souls” among fans, is a very well received indie game developed by Ska Studios which came out last year for PS4 and more recently on PS Vita.

Taking what made the Souls series great and converting it onto a 2D plane was a fresh concept at the time and made Salt & Sanctuary feel more like an homage to the 2D versions of Metroid or Castelvania than a proper Souls-like game.

A recent tweet by Ska Studio’s James Silva may have just shed light on the title making its way to the Switch.

If you’ve played the PS Vita version or have seen somebody else play it, you would know how much this game in particular lends itself to being portable. Salt & Sanctuary may take a good amount from the Dark Souls series but it does enough differently to feel like its own the game. You still need souls (or salt in this game) to level up, but there are also elements from the Castlevania series as well.

Salt & Sanctuary features the long and tough boss battles you would expect find in the Souls series but this time in 2D which require a different strategy to defeat. There were many different classes, armor and weapons, almost 600 in total, you could choose from to create a character who felt like your own. There was also a two-player local co-op option for those interested.

Given how much fun I had with the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game when they debuted, I would personally love to see a Switch version to take on-the-go.